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How It Works

Our Simple 3-Step Process:

Step 1

Fill out our form or call us at (844) 942-1104 to get started.

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Step 2

After reviewing the details of your home, we'll connect you to a local, vetted buyer and present a unique, all-cash offer!

Step 3

After selecting a closing date that's convenient for your timeline, you'll receive cash for your home on the day of closing!

What Info Should I Provide?

The above form is a great starting point! To align the best fit cash buyers in your local area, we'll need a few more details; when you purchased your property, its current condition, your ideal timeline, and why you're looking to sell. We'll also answer any questions along the way! Don't forget to visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


How Is My Offer Created?


✓   After Repair Value: After we finish renovations, this is what your home's market value is.

✓   Selling Costs: A total value for selling commissions, property and excise tax, utilities, insurance (title, property and escrow fees) all will be added in. This is about 10% of the ARV.

✓   Repair Costs: Based on all the info we gather, we estimate what our cost will be to renovate your home.

✓   Return on Investment: What we pay our contractors, plus how we are able to keep our business running!

What is MY Offer?

We look forward to speaking with you and finding out the details of your home! Enjoy a hassle free selling experience by filling out our form below to request your unique cash offer from iBuyers 7!

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iBuyers 7 vs. Real Estate Agents

If you are looking for a fast selling process, the ibuyer business is exactly what you are looking for. Buying a house in less than 7 days is possible with iBuyers 7 because we have no hidden costs or extended timelines, unlike typical real estate agents. Check out our below table as we compare our differences:

iBuyers 7

✓ No commission and 0% fees

✓ No appraisals needed

✓ No open houses or showings

✓ We do inspections and cover closing costs

✓ No repairs or renovations are necessary

✓ Closing times are typically between 7-28 days

Real Estate Agents

• Commissions are typically 6% of the sales price

• Appraisals lower the sale price

• Open houses and showings add unwanted time

• Inspections and closing costs mean less money for you

• Repairs are needed in the real estate market prior to the sale

• Closing times are typically between 60-90 days

Our Happy Home Sellers

Our company is known for happy home sellers! Read some of our iBuyers 7 reviews below to see why selling houses with our ibuying services is the best option out there. We buy homes for cash nationwide and are so thankful for our wide network of home sellers!

Madison iBuyers



"This quick, all-cash offer was exactly what I needed. for my finances. I was facing bankruptcy and unsure if selling my home was even a possibility. I am grateful to the iBuyers 7 team and their fast process. I ended up selling my home in under two weeks!"

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Gary iBuyers



"I lost my mother and had a newly inherited house, but did not need the extra property. I did not have the emotional strength or financial flexibility to renovate her home before selling it. I found iBuyers 7 online and connected with them for a quick sale."

ibuyer reviews
Spencer iBuyers



"After getting married, I knew I needed to sell my long-term rental property because the tenants were less than ideal. My spouse and I used the funds from this quick sale as a downpayment on our forever home together! I highly recommend iBuyers 7."

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